Monday, August 2, 2010


Here's Douggy when he was first adopted. Lounging on the couch, knowing he was in his home and would be loved. He is the sweetest boy and he has made his new mom so happy!

Look at that sweet face. And what a pretty coat. But, it's hot in Virginia! So his mom decided he needed a new summer look. She was really afraid to get him cut, but he was just miserable with the hot weather.

Just look at him now! How cute he looks! He is more playful and loving. I would be, too!

Douggy is very protective of his new mom and he has made such a huge difference in her life.

Look at him watching out for danger! He looks mighty and scary doesn't he. :-) He has brought his new mom such joy and laughter. I love to hear this-- it makes my heart smile.

Douggy, you are a beautiful boy. I'm so glad I had you at my house-- even though it was just a temporary haven for you. You are now home!


lady jicky said...

Nice to see him so happy!

Karin said...

Douggy looks so sweet with his summer haircut.

Jeanne said...

What a sweet boy. You can tell he loves his new home and his new Mom. Way to go Douggy........I love your new hair cut.....