Thursday, August 26, 2010

darby and her drill bit

You remember how some Pekes are great with children. And you remember that my grandkids are "Lil Bit," "Bitty Bit" and "Drill Bit." Here's Wicket, my "grand Peke" with Drill Bit. He loves his baby.
My Starlight loves Drill Bit, too-- he's 8 months old now and a chunker!
Well, Amee's Darby wanted me to know SHE has a "Drill Bit" of her own. He's her mom's cousin's baby. Like my Starlight, Darby is also known as a "baby cujo."
Darby can be a pistol, but not with the baby. She loves this baby. You would think that he belonged to Darby – she was loving on him and licking him and he pulled and poked and tugged and everything he could do to her. Darby kept right on loving him and then preceded to try and climb in the carrier when it was time for him to go home. Darby pouted the entire day because he was gone.
The baby is very entertained by her. Darby just loved him and the more he laughed the more Darby loved it. Darby is not licking her chops! She's just keeping an eye on the baby!


lady jicky said...

Too cute!

Tracey said...

I love the references to baby cujo... we have decided my Macy (Peke puppy adopted from Portsmouth Humane Shelter) is Kid Vicious. Every morning she likes to sit on my and lick my face off. That is her moment of sweetness. The rest of the day, well she is a pistol! And, do NOT bother her when she is sleeping. She will let you know of her displeasure in a not so nice way! Oh my. All four of my Peke's are all so different in temperment. But, I love them all!

Karin said...

Funny how babies bring out the best in some pekes:)