Saturday, August 28, 2010


Cubbie Woo is going on a road trip. He's been with me over a week and is ready to travel-- he was too sick at first. He's going to his foster home in Maryland with Paige and Danni.
Are you ready little man?
He has a harness and a little collar and a name tag! That's VERY important. Cubbie Woo-- or Woo Woo at his new foster mom calls him on the phone-- was 1 pound 5 ounces when he came ten days ago. Today he was 2 pounds 4 ounces. He has come a long way and is just full of himself!
Those that have come to visit him are amazed at how small he is. To give you an idea, here he is next to a coffee cup (it's a moose cup from my trip to Vermont).
And here he is beside his Blue Buffalo puppy food-- it's the smallest bag they have. Little dog, little bag.
He went on a home visit with me-- can you see him by Poochie and Snuggy?
He even had a chance to walk on the Pekingese Pathway here-- we couldn't let him leave without doing that.
He could get lost under the border grass. He was intently looking at a speck there.
We have loved having him here, loved holding him, love playing with him. He is becoming a very playful puppy now that he feels better. Click here: YouTube - cubbietoy
Here he is teasing Starlight: Click here: YouTube - CubbieStarlight
Here's his collar and another name tag-- it's just about as big as he is!
How did I get on the fireplace?
He loves balls and will already fetch the tiny tennis ball for me to throw again-- it could be just a coincidence, but he's a smart Peke puppy!
I had to have a picture of him in the famous pink bed! Don't worry, his new home has one just like it! He's going to be so happy there, and have so much attention. And I know we'll have updates on him. Have fun Cubbie Woo!!!


lady jicky said...

Sending "all the best" kisses to Cubbie Woo!!

I tell you, he might be small but to take on Starlight - the guy is a fighter! LOL

You will miss him I am sure LInda!

Pekiegirl said...

He's just too cute! He reminds me of my Shamisen when he was that little!

Karin said...

Cute videos. He's all puppy now that he feels stronger. It must be so rewarding to get to see him regain health so quickly from all the good food and care you've given him.