Monday, August 23, 2010


I will be updating you on the "Bristol 18"-- the puppy mill dogs we took in when it was shut down. Here is Rose Bud, RB, who is staying at Jeanne's house while she has her heartworm treatment. She is such a sweet girl. This whole group of Pekes are sweet-- it's amazing.
Romeo-- now Sam-- is asking if he's about to leave the vet. You sure are little man! You are going to a foster home in Richmond! (By the time this is read, he'll already be there.)
Here is sweet, happy Chubs. He is always grinning. He has such an outgoing personality-- being a back yard breeder/puppy mill dog didn't squash that part of him.
Chubs and Romeo/Sam, below, were side by side in runs at the vet while we took care of their medical needs. They were like the two clowns there-- both so happy. We see you peeking out!
And there is Snowflake-- now Sabre. He wasn't too sure when he met Kris, his foster mom. But, by the time he was in her home for a few hours, he loved her. He follows her all over and is quickly learning house rules and going outside to go potty. There will be another blog of Sabre!
Cookie looks like she has a white heart on her forehead. She's timid, but when she arrived at her foster hom, she just curled up under her foster mom's chin-- she felt safe. We have had amazing people step forward to help with these needy dogs. It takes someone special to be a foster mom/dad, and we have a wonderful team. THANK YOU to each one of you. I know you give you heart away each time you foster one. I sure do.
Here are the last two we got from the breeder-- she gave them up after the first group and we're glad to have them so they can have a chance at a good life. Katrina (with red on her, on the left) is a little shy, but sweet. She is very bonded with Julie a little 10 pounder. Julie is having surgery today (Monday) for spay, dental, eye surgery and knee repair. These dogs have been through so much but we are committed to do all we can for them. They deserve it-- and I thank every one of you who gave to their care.
Here's Snowflake/Sabre again-- look at that tongue hanging out. Many of these dogs had bad teeth, so each one had a dental to clean, remove bad teeth and give them antibiotics so they could have a "fresh mouth."
And here they go...... Chubs and Gizmo are ready to head to their foster homes.
Hi Gizmo!! Are you ready to meet Jessie, your foster mom? I see that smile.
Cookie is peeking out the top of her crate-- it has a "sun roof" and she is saying good-bye to me. She is being fostered in N.Va.
Here's Brandy-- the mama dog. (Mom of the two puppies we have.) She is at my house, where her foster mom dropped of Poochie for me. He is staying here a few days before going to his foster home near me. Are you ready?Here she is in her foster mom's arms. I think they are going to love her.
Here's Poochie in my family room-- he looks like a train wreck-- sorry, Poochie, but you do. He had eye surgery, and neuter and he has hair missing from his flea allergy. But, it will grow back and he will look BEAUTIFUL!!! He has the sweetest personality.
And here are three at Jeanne's. RB (Rosebud), Katrina, Julie. They are friends of long-standing and so happy to be together for awhile. They look beautiful!!
If you are interested in fostering with us, or in adopting one of these precious ones, please email


lady jicky said...

Oh boy Linda, so many pekes but I am sure there are people out there looking at this blog and the lovely pekingese babies - hey, babies can be years old in my book! LOL
I send mucho postive adoption vibes to all these lovely pekes!!
I think it would be VERY hard to make your mind up which peke to adopt!!! I wish a big "good luck" too all these wonderful doggies! :)

emilyp said...

In just this short time you can see how much happier those Pekes are! They are all full of smiles and love:)

RescuegirlinVA said...

I love seeing these updates. THANK YOU for doing all that you have for these angels on earth. I can't wait to watch their progress. All of them are adorable and have hope in their eyes-probably for the first time in their lives.