Friday, August 6, 2010


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We are taking in 15 Pekingese on Saturday. They are coming from a back yard breeder who is having to turn them in-- They are living in horrendous conditions, and have been in crates their entire lives.
Brandy is the mama dog to the two puppies below. She'll need to remain with them a while longer-- so they'll all be fostered together in Richmond.
Rita is 7 years year old. She needs to be shaved, bathed and have all her vetting done-- They all need this. I can't wait for the blog where the "AFTER" pictures appear!
Floyd looks huge, but I think it's the way the picture is taken. He's an older one, about ten years old, but he looks happy. He deserves a home where he can be loved.
Hello, Little George. We know your eyes don't feel well, but you're about to get help!! I'll see you on Sunday.
This is Snowflake, a male about 6 years old. Don't you just want to give him a hug?!
Rosebud is looking for someone. Is she looking for you? She's about 8 years old.
Romeo, Romeo, where art thou?? (You can tell I'm getting loopy after working on this all day.)
This is Precious--she's older, about ten. But, I have fallen in love with her.
Poochie is a five year old male-- I love the black ones. (I love the red ones, the white ones, the little ones, the big ones.....)
Penny is a seven year old female-- we'll have weights and more on their temperaments soon.
Gizmo is missing an eye, and is about 7 years old. I know we can find him a home-- we'll find homes for all of them.
Cookie is very shy-- she's six years old. Just think how much she'll change once she has freedom.
This is Chubs. He's seven years old-- and all his pictures are happy. I can't wait to meet him!
This is Brandy-- she's about 4 years old. I think she's looking for her new home.

If you think you would like to adopt one of our Pekes, just go to our web site: There will be pictures, bios, applications. We will need a lot of money to help this group. You can donate on our web site through or by sending in a donation. We'll also be starting a 'chip-in' site to be able to take care of these dogs. Look for it on this blog!
Thank you for all your support in our efforts to help these little ones. Without you, we just couldn't do it!


lady jicky said...

Linda, we have just left a little donation .

Oh my - tonight I feel so sad but... I Know these babe's are off to a better future with you all to help them!!!

Floyd is as big as my Lulu was Linda - she was a big girl ! May he live to 17 years like she did!!

Come on people --- if you are seeing these lovely pekes - please adopt one or - if you can't - like me - please leave a little donation ! :)
Positive vibes to them all Linda!!!

RescuegirlinVA said...

Awww. God Bless you Linda. The two black older ones are precious. They ALL look so sweet. Makes my heart sick every time I see these older ones that have lived their whole lives like this. Glad you are coming for them.

emilyp said...

I had been thinking about the Pekes all night, I am so glad to hear that they are now in good hands.

I am anxious for the after pics:)

Ania M. Milo said...

Oh those poor, poor babies!!!!!!!!

At least now they are free and on their way to have wonderful lives!!!!

Yoshi would like to make a little donation to help his fellow former puppy-mill Pekes.

Where in VA are they?

Jane Garrett said...

Since Gracie Lu and I can't foster one of these little ones, we will send a donation to Diane.

DreamaTexas said...

My Pekingese is turning 9 years old. She is an only child but I would love to have another female Peek!