Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Amelia and Paddington were both fosters in our group. Paddington was adopted five years ago and Amelia was adopted this summer.
Amelia is so sweet, love her toys and her owners. She freely gives kisses and is just so sweet.
Paddington tries to be the tough guy and act like he doesn't care about Amelia.
She's a Daddy's girl. Paddington doesn't need her.
Really, are you sure?? How could you not love her Paddington!!
Okay, you've been busted! We know you love her-- you've been caught laying right next to her. You've been found out-- you love Amelia!


lady jicky said...

Of course Paddington loves Amelia - did you see that massive bottom tooth! LOL

Cate Bach said...

I love the faces on these babies! The tongues are precious!!! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Amelia and Paddington's owners sent me this comment: Hi Linda,
I love it! I can't remember my google password, but I'd like to leave a comment on today's post.

"Amelia and Paddy are very lovey dovey. She runs to him to give him kisses when he comes in from a walk and he runs to greet her when she comes in from her walk (no kisses from him though, that is terribly undignified.) Everyone loves them, especially us! xoxoxo Fiona and Bill"

Congrats on the new grandbaby boy - what joy!
Love,Fiona and Bill