Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We found out that Poochie, of the Bristol 18, is the daddy to the two puppies we got from the back yard breeder shut down. Poochie is doing so well in my home for fostering. What a sweet dog. He loves to be on my lap and is learning to play with toys-- but this blog is about his puppies!! (The Mama Peke is Brandy.)
This is Colby at the back yard breeders-- he had urine burns on his paws at five weeks old He was in a crate with Carter and Brandy. Horrible!
Here's Carter-- they are both so cute and have beautiful coloring.
Colby, above and Carter both weigh 3.5 pounds now! They are just blossoming at Jeanne's house. (I hear Cubbie Woo is now 3.8 pounds-- it's a contest! haha But, Jeanne says hers are the cutest-- now Paige can respond!)
Carter is in the xpen and wants out. They stay there when they aren't being supervised. It's like a big playpen for dogs. And they have a blast playing with each other there.
Carter is the quieter of the two puppies. He gets beat up by Colby, and Colby is definitely more outgoing.
Carter likes to be held, and so does Colby-- but Colby is the kiss-giver :-).
Colby is taking time out for a big yawn. Both puppies are looking more and more like their mom Brandy, not their dad, Poochie.
Yawns must be contagious! Time for Carter to yawn now-- stop it, guys. I may have to start yawning.
Colby and Hanna are checking out Carter. Hanna is one of Jeanne's dog--she was almost feral when Jeanne got her and she has come so far. She's a parti-color miniature poodle She's beautiful, but very shy.
DiDi-- Didididididi :-)-- is being checked out by Colby I think. I can't see the front paws, which is the only way I can tell these two apart.
The puppies are making friends with all the dogs there. Colby is checking out Rose Bud/RB. RB was in the back yard breeder's, but I don't know if they had much contact. RB is turning into a beautiful little girl. Look at her coat!

The puppies are doing so well. Now we need more pictures of Cubbie Woo-- it's your turn, Paige. :-)


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda .... too cute! LOL

CrisL09 said...

Oh my they are growing too quickly- but they are Adorable!!!! growing up with lots of TLC you can tell. I wonder which of the other Pekes they like to bug the most?

emilyp said...

Love the pics and the updates!!!