Thursday, September 2, 2010


Lucy was first on my blog on June 17. She was turned in as a puppy to our rescue.
Lucy is so beautiful-- look at that face! It's really hard to get good pictures of a black dog with a black face! It all just blends. But, her mom manages to get wonderful pictures of her. She loves her ball and is never with out it.
She loves everyone and most of the dogs she meets. She has a 6 month old Havanese male puppy she plays with-- he's white with a black face and they look like oreos when they are playing. She also has a German Shepherd mix that she likes to walk with and an Australian Red Heeler mix that lives across the street. She does not discrimate at all if the dog is big or small.
Here she is with a neighbor-- and her tennis all! Where is the dog? :-)
Lucy wants to be friends with Omar the cat-- but he doesn't want to be her friend. At least, he is not running from the room anymore. Maybe one day they'll be friends.
Lucy, you are just stunning!!


lady jicky said...

Black Beauty!

Pekiegirl said...

I know what you mean about photographing black dogs! I recently got a good one of Yoshi with his ball on my IPhone. When I figure out how to get it on the computer, I'll send it to you along with some cute ones of Shami!

emilyp said...

She is gorgeous!!

Karin said...

Lucy's fur looks like velvet ~ what a beauty she is! Those pictures did show quite a bit of adorable detail for a black dog ~ I have trouble getting good pics of Ozzie who is black.