Monday, September 27, 2010

Australia Peke show

Please lift Benny's mom in your thoughts and prayers. She had major surgery this month and is now home. Benny is taking good care of her. ++++ ++++ ++++
Melinda sent me pictures of the Royal Melbourne Show in Australia. They went to see the Pekingese, even though there were a lot of other things to see there. But, this part of the show was the best!!

I love how she/he is tillting her head. I would have loved to be there!

Melinda said there were only 31 contestants. She hadn't been to the show for years. I'm sure glad she took pictures to share with me! And YOU! She knows I'll share with you.

This one looks really young-- and look at those short little legs. Don't you just want to kiss that face?

The judge for this Pekingese show was from Canada and Melinda said the judge really liked the bigger Pekes. You know the ones with LOTS of fur. She said a small Peke like her Moi Moi wouldn't have a chance. We think Moi Moi would win!

Now this is a lot of hair! Did this one win?

I don't think this is a Peke-- calling me bright. I'm quick like that. :-)

Nope, these aren't Pekes either-- but they are beautiful!

Not Pekes here either. But, I think they are having a conversation-- they're probably discussing how beautiful the Pekingese are this year!
I know this is a Spaniel-- what kind? If you know, let us know. Not a King Charles, I know that. Brittany? Not sure.

Whoa, don't pull too hard-- her eyes are getting big!

These are two beautiful-- what kind are they? You can tell I'm not too good with other breeds. It's a terrier, I'm sure.

There were a lot of other things on display-- like hand made layette items. This one won a prize.

Beautiful-- a little too frilly for my new grandson though.

This won for "decorated cake novice." Is that a cake? Melinda, you'll have to help us out.

This is another cake winner-- I'm not a cake person, but these are sure cute.

My daughter would like this one-- she's a horse person.

There were rides, people, things to eat, horse shows, dog shows........ I think this would have been so much fun.

And flowers!

But, the Pekingese were the best.

Yes, definitely the best part of the Royal Melbourne Show.

Look at those happy faces. You could get overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of these dogs. More tomorrow!!


Pekiegirl said...

The first one was a English Springer Spaniel, and the two were Cairn Terriers.

Linda said...

Thanks! I knew someone would know the breeds I wasn't sure of!

Linda said...

Thanks! I knew someone would know the breeds I wasn't sure of!

lady jicky said...

Pekiegirl is correct!
I used to show my Cairn terrier many , many years ago and one year we showed old Toby at the Royal Melbourne. No, we did not win.
Yes Linda - the old lady is cake!
Love to look at the decorated cakes :)

cby said...

Pekiegirl girl knows her breeds. Although, I'd like to amend the Cairn "Terriers", to "Terriorists". And you all think Pekes have a mind all their own..... HA!

Thank you Lady Jicky and Linda for the travel log! What a wonderful place to spent the day!

emilyp said...

wow, gorgeous pics! I can't believe all that hair on the Pekes, lol.