Friday, September 24, 2010


You'll love this one:
Moi-Moi lives in Australia and her mom, Melinda, "Lady Jicky" responds to my blog every day. I love her comments-- many make me laugh out loud.

Moi-Moi was rescued from a back yard breeder in Australia. We think they don't exist other places, but people everywhere are willing to sacrifice the comfort and health of these precious Pekes to make money. It's just called greed. Moi-Moi is safe now.

She is a stunning Peke-- look at her coat! She is regally lounging on her bed.

Moi-Moi likes to pose for the camera-- she knows she is a gorgeous little girl. She even knows how to do a "Show Peke run"-- she does this cute little walk where her head goes side to side and she throws her front legs out. Her mom says she is sooooo cute! She would win ribbons !

Moi-Moi likes to go with her mom and her bad brother Kenzo (I've heard lots of Kenzo stories!) to the dog park-- they call it a free range park in Australia? Are there fences around this Melinda? Here in the States, they are all enclosed. Kenzo was playing with a hound mix, and the hound came flying by Moi-Moi (who was being held by her mom) and he jumped up and kisses Moi-Moi. I guess he had a crush on her. Yes, Moi-Moi, I know you and your mom are still surprised by that!

Moi-Moi loves her mom to brush her. She gets lot of attention that she never had before. It comes at a price-- she has to put up with Kenzo harrassing her. She lived with him now for several years and has learned to put up with his shenanigans. I'm sure she's going to eventually get Kenzo in line.

Keep us updated on your Australia adventures, Moi-Moi!


lady jicky said...

I have to say Linda that Moi did not come from a shocking situation like the "Bristol 18 " We got her from a breeder who did not want to breed from her as her last litter all died and it upset Moi so.
she came to us matted and smelly and did not know how to walk on a lead .
Now she is a beauty who just LOVES her lead for it means "walkies" which she so loves - even if its with the "bad boy Kenzo" .
Yes - Kenzo is that bad!! LOL

Pekiegirl said...

What a beautiful girl!

Essie said...

MOI MOI is just so beautiful. I just showed her picture to my GizMoe Li and he say purrr. That is his sound when he see's something he likes. She sounds as sweet as can be.

Tracey said...

Moi Moi is gorgeous!!! I love the comment of saying how she does the Show Peke run!! hahaa... I love watching my Peke's run.. they are just too cute!! Have a great weekend!!

emilyp said...

She is gorgeous! I love her posing for the cute!! Now, I am intrigued by

Jeanne said...

My oh my.....she is beautiful. Just what a Peke should look like. !!!!Give her a big hug for me please.....

Karin said...

Melinda's comments always make me laugh too:)
I can just picture Moi-Moi "struttin' her stuff". What a beautiful coat she has! It's a good thing she doesn't mind being brushed.