Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here are more pictures of the Royal Melbourne Show and another dog who was competing there. Cute!
This one looks ready for a nap. I know this is a Boston Terrier. :-)
This groomer/owner/handler is sure having fun with this Maltese.
But, the Pekingese competition was the best part for Melinda.
I'm sure she was glued to her spot for this part of the show.
And how royal they all look.
The handlers are waiting.....it's a tense time!
They had walked them around the ring.
And the Pekese did great! Just wish I had a video-- to see their cute little walks.
Maybe Melinda took a break to go see some other things-- see anything you want?
Oh, my! What a puff!
When Melinda goes again, I know we'll receive more pictures-- this one looks truly regal! Until the next show.........


lady jicky said...

It was a great day Linda and I had not been in years!
Must try to go more often. This show is yearly in September. Many farmers come down to the city to compete - to win is "big deal" :)
Its not just dogs, there are cattle, chickens , cats , sheep, pigs and horses .

lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - the dog being held by the lady in blue is a Havenese .