Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is Poochie before we got him. Like the rest, he was not in good shape at all. He had the same problems as the rest (fleas, anemia, worms, not neutered.....), and he just needed help.
At the vet, he was given help, vetting, surgery, good food and lots of attention. But, he wanted out! I was there, but didn't take him home since he has a foster home ready for him. But, it didn't work out (medical reasons), and Poochie needed help.
So, I brought him to my house. I need to not foster right now-- I have a new grandson that I will be taking care of when my daughter goes back to work. My life is really busy right now-- but look at that face! Who could say no?!
He knows how to "sit pretty"-- those teeth and those precious eyes. He had eye-fold surgery to reduce the size of the eye folds, and he is doing great.
He loves to be where I am. He likes to be under things-- my chair, my desk... He'd follow me upsstairs, too, but he's not fully housetrained, so he usually has to stay downstairs (no carpets there!).
Here he is under the desk. I am sitting at this desk a lot doing blogs and rescue emails. Poochie just sits patiently-- and that is where he is right now.
You recognize this-- it's the Pekingese pathway. Yes, they all use it. Poochie is no exception.
He was hanging out at the back door with Max, my Peke (a former foster dog). Poochie has the brightest eyes and is so alert. He really wants to please.
Wake up Max! She's trying to take our picture. :-)
Now he's lounging in the office-- NEAR the desk. He's getting brave. :-)
Poochie is beginning to discover toys-- he had no idea what they were. He would pounce on them when he first tried to play with them. He was a total klutz! But, he was having fun!
If you think Poochie would fit in your family, just email us at! He's looking for a home!


lady jicky said...

I feel Poochie will turn out to be one lovely dog Linda. He looks to me that underneath all his past problems there is a guy with a cute charactor just waiting to pop out! I do not think it will be long with your fabbo help!

emilyp said...

Awww, Poochie would totally fit in our family, too bad we can only have 2 dogs at a time:( he is adorable!!!!!I have always wanted a black peke!!!I hope he finds his fur-ever home soon:)

Jeanne said...

Just look at the difference in his coat.....The photo of when he came into rescue shows a dead coat. But look at it now. It shines !!!!!

RescuegirlinVA said...

OMG!!!!! CUTEST FACE!!! I could see why you would have trouble saying no to fostering him. What an angel. He looks great. What a difference you all have made.