Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DROOPY DOG aka Sabre

This was Snowflake at the puppy mill. The "owner" was holding him so we could get a picture. Like the rest of the Bristol 18, he had a lot of issues (worms, parasites, etc.). But, we took care of that and he began to learn what it was like to be a real dog. Kris renamed him Sabre, since Snowflake sounded like a girls' name. And he's a BOY!
He went to Kris' for fostering-- and he settled right in. He was taking a nap, with his tongue hanging out. He lost a few teeth. But, it doesn't bother him a bit.
Are you hiding, Sabre? I can see you!
He got along great with Oscar (Kris' Peke) and with Cindy (she's still available for adoption-- a sweet, pretty Peke). He was just so happy to be loved and cared for.
Can you see that happy face?! Here are some videos to show how happy he was there:
I think he knew he would not be there long-- but he enjoyed every bit of love he received from Kris.
He was adopted!!! We wondered which of the Bristol 18 would be adopted first-- and he won! His new family thought his tongue hanging out was cute, and so they named him Droopy Dog-- they name all their dogs (except one) with "D" names-- Dusty, Diggity, and Daffodil/Daffy.
Droopy Dog now lives in a wonderful home. He has toys and good food and love and lots of attention!
Droopy is happy to just rest-- a cool floor is great.
He's adjusting well to his new home and his new owners love him.
Droopy and Daffodil/Daffy are living the good life!!!


lady jicky said...

Oh he is soooo cute Linda and I am so happy he got a lovely home - hey, I should say a DELIGHTFUL - staying with the "D" theme - a Delightful Home!! :)

Jeanne said...

Kris said in Sabre's bio he would be the first to be adopted. She thought he was the best !!!!! Well she must have known something we did not!!!! What a great ending to a very bad beginning for Droopy. We love getting the updates from his new folks.

We are all thrilled he has the best home ever...way to go Droopy !!!!

emilyp said...

YAY!!! He is just beautiful..the before and after pics are incredible..he is like a completely different dog. The name change was definitely needed to complete it:)