Monday, September 6, 2010


Remember Bella-- she and Ruby came into rescue from a rural shelter.
Bella loved to be safe and curl up in her bed-- now this is relaxed!!
Bella and Ruby were so attached-- we really wanted them to stay together.
Ruby loved Bella so much-- and she loved being at Jeanne's house. Like Bella, she learned to relax there.
Look at her sweet face! She knew she was safe and could trust Jeanne to protect her.
Bella and Ruby were adopted this summer. (Here they are at Jeanne's house, in the xpen,where we start our foster dogs while they are evaluated and having surgery. Exercise pens are GREAT! They're spacious and safe and they can still be where the action is.)
They are such cute girls. Jeanne fell in love with them more than most. We do that sometimes-- we just have a soft spot for some of them. I think it's the ones who come in the roughest shape.
Their new owner was thrilled to have them both. And we were so glad they could stay together!
Yes, they receive plenty of love there.
I think they've adjusted to their new home-- what do you think? Are they relaxed?
Still hanging out together, watching the world. They love to go to the patio doors and watch what is happening outside.
They are being loved and are so happy-- this is what we want for all of our foster dogs! If you'd like to see our current rescue dogs, please go to You can also watch the slide show at:


lady jicky said...

I am so glad those two old girlfriends can stay together Linda!!

They look like they have found the perfect spot!

emilyp said...

Oh they look so happy!! Yay for Bella and Ruby going to a good home TOGETHER!!!

Cate Bach said...

OMG! What sweet pupsters and family! It looks like it was meant to be all along - they are forever...home!

CrisL09 said...

These pics make me happy to see them together with their new family. The pics of Bella- especially the first one caught me off guard at first because she looks alot like my sweet angel Dolly.