Monday, November 15, 2010


I received a plea from a shelter in NC to help Buddy. He was turned in by his owner who could no longer care for him.
Buddy was extremely sweet, and was loved, but he wasn't really given care or medical attention. It was obvious from his condition.
I have a friend, Toni, who heart a heart for the "downtrodden" dog. I sent her the email on him and she went to get him for me and is fostering him.
Toni was in a petstore last month when one of the workers came up to her and asked if she wanted a Schnauzer puppy! How odd is that! They said it had an eye problem and they didn't want to send it back to the breeder (aka puppy mill!). Why they picked Toni is something she is still asking herself-- they must have sensed her sweet and loving heart.
Dandy, the Schnauzer loved Buddy as soon as he arrived. He tried to play with him and Buddy played back.
Mugs, a 14 year old Peke (another of our foster dogs she adopted), is in the background. Dandy looks like he is ready to play again and is just scouting out who he will "attack." :-)
Oh, he must be tired now-- nap time!
Buddy is resting, too. That's Mitzi in the picture-- another dog whose owner could no longer care for her. She joined Toni's family, too.
We know Buddy doesn't have long to live. Once we got him to the vet, and ran tests on him, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. His mouth is in really bad condition-- but he still loves life and is very affectionate. I met him last week at the vet and just fell in love with his sweet face.
We can't do too much for him-- we are giving him antibiotics and some other meds to keep him comfortable. He is over 12 and has had a hard life. But, he is eating well, sleeping on the bed, enjoying being clean and loved and safe. His days will be full of love.
When his suffering becomes apparent, we will let him go.
In the meantime, enjoy your soft bed, Buddy, and know we are all cheering you on-- that you'll have a lot of time to enjoy your new wonderful life with your foster mom (who would never let you go!). We know she'll make every minute wonderful!


lady jicky said...

Toni - you are a doggy angel :)

I wish lots of warmy sleeps and yummy food for that dear Buddy.
He has found love and may he live alot longer than the doc thinks.
I am sending him my Vibes :)

I am back home from Tassie - too short a time but ..... we get those two doggies tomorrow from the kennel as we got in too late.

emilyp said...

Linda, every time I read this blog I smile just a lit bit bigger:) I am saddened that someone could treat dogs so badly, but so happy and amazed at the big hearts of all of your rescue friends.