Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SIMBA (formerly Rosco)

I want to say how sorry I am to Gaby on the loss of her sweet Gia. Gia had Evans' Disease and died in August. We are so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. Rest in peace, sweet Gia.
It's been almost a year since this little boy was rescued out of a shelter in the western part of Virginia. We don't have any foster homes there, but a volunteer went to the shelter to pick up Rosco. We thought he would find a home quickly. Little did we know that his transporter, Aimee would fall in love with him! This was taken right after he arrived at her house.
She renamed him Simba, and he experienced snow that December after he was adopted.
If he's like my Cranberry, he likes it!
Yes, I'm sure he does! look at that face!!
Simba loves his toys! He puts them all back on his bed if they are moved. I wish my dogs would do that. They just know how to spread them around!
Here are Simba, Dudley, and Nala. They are best friends.
I'm so glad they let him join their family-- I think he's glad, too.
Simba, you are one lucky Peke!! And tell your mom if I have more Pekes in her area, I'll be emailing her to help. We love to have people like her on our team!


lady jicky said...

Oooo, now this is one hansome man and I would just love to squish those fat chops of his!
I would keep him too!!!!!! LOL

emilyp said...

Simba is super adorable!! He has the best face! Glad he found his fur-ever home so fast!!