Thursday, November 25, 2010


Melinda, I know you don't have Thanksgiving in Australia. But, today is THANKSGIVING here. And there are so many things I am thankful for. First, I'm thankful for my family and all my grandchildren! You can see Drill Bit in the picture was NOT about to be happy with Santa! (This picture is a hint to all of you to send me Christmas Peke pictures!! I'll be doing all you send for the December blogs!)
I'm thankful for the foster moms/dads that help with the Pekes we have. This is Kim above on the left. She is great with our fosters that she has helped.
Jeanne-- what would I do without you!! Jeanne is now co-director with me in rescue. She has raised so much money for rescue with her ideas. She is here with DiDi, a foster that she fell in love with-- and who stayed. Jeanne has such compassion for the dogs in her care. You are amazing.
Paige is another foster mom-- here are two she fostered.
I'm thankful for ADOPTED dogs!! Here are Paddington and Amelia.
I'm thankful for Beach Bit, my newest grandchild. Yes, he's a Georgia Bulldog fan!
I'm thankful for vets and specialists who care for our foster dogs. This is Melissa, who works in the opthalmologist's office. She fell in love with Coco. Who wouldn't?!
I'm thankful for a husband who is very tolerant and supportive of my "hobby" of helping Pekingese. Thanks, sugar!
I'm thankful for grandkids and Pekes who snuggle on my lap (Beach Bit and Coco).
Bitty Bit says Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you!!


lady jicky said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all in the USA!!!

I am thankful for people like you around the world who care and shelter many unwanted and abused dogs, cats and other animals.

You are all special people.

Your "bits" are delightful Linda!!!

Jeanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your family Linda. Hope everyone is feeling better that had the flu.

I'm thankful for your friendship. And all the good work you do to save these homeless pekes. The average person does not know what you do when it comes to getting a peke out of a shelter. It would make them tired just thinking about it :) But we are all glad you do what you do.!!!!

emilyp said...

Happy Thanksgiving Linda and PVPC family:)

I am so glad that I found this blog and get to see all that you do for the Pekes.

Now, to figure out what Christmas outfits to get for Newman and Drizz:p

Linda said...

Emily, I'm glad you found the blog, too! I love your comments and pictures.