Monday, November 1, 2010

Suet-Suet in Virginia Beach

Remember Suet-Suet. I told you he was coming to Virginia Beach. And he did! Here is a video of him taken by his family this past year:
During the Neptune Festival, there is a sand sculpture competition. It's amazing to see the talent that goes into these.
This is not one of those sculptures though-- it's a poured concrete sand sculpture that is part of the boardwalk area. I haven't seen it and I've walked the boardwalk a lot. I'll have to look for it. He looks like he belongs there-- royal dog that he is.
He took a stroll on the sand and watched the people. His owner said he enjoyed the boardwalk, hated the sand, was stubbon and otherwise his usual busybody self. Sounds like a Peke to me!
He sat and waited for room service to arrive.
It took awhile, so he laid down to wait. Were you waiting for your cup of Starbucks? I know there one near the boardwalk.
There is a big Festival of Lights starting in November for the holidays. You can drive you car on the boardwalk and children love to see all the lights and displays. This is as dressed as Suet gets. His dad said "he does not dress for any occasion-- for him, "tails" are always in season." I love it!


lady jicky said...

I am with Suet - who likes sand between your toes!! LOL

emilyp said...

LOL, so cute. He is really adorable!