Monday, November 8, 2010


I don't want you to think I wasn't going to put a Peke picture on the blog! But, my daughter wanted to see pictures of the Homearama that I went to in Norfolk, so what better way to do it than on my blog! So, just look at Starlight if you just want a Peke picture-- although there's another one further into the blog. :-)
My daughter and I wanted to see what kinds of lights are going into new house. So, I took lots of pictures of lights.
You'll see a repetitive pattern in the fixtures. Did they all get together to plan this?
I do think these are pretty cool. But, I don't want to glance up and see a bare bulb. It makes my eyes hurt.
These face the ceiling, so they would be okay.
Uh-oh, these face down. But, they're okay.
Can you see the lights repeating themselves here-- I think most of the bathrooms had the same lights! Maybe they quickly changed them from house to house as we made our walk.
These are pretty nice-- have to hang them above 6'3" since that's how tall my husband is. If he leans forward, he'll hit one of them. But, I do like them.
Two lights in this picture! I'm getting ideas. And look at the doors in the background--very cool!
I think you either like this one or you don't. I kind of like it. Don't know where I'd put it-- it's kind of bungalow feeling.
This kitchen was very open-- I really don't want someone seeing all my dishes and stuff. I prefer closed doors. Who wants to dust plates!
My daughter has a lot of red in her kitchen-- I think she would LOVE this stove!
And how about the laundry room/back entrance? Nice and organized. I think the lower cubbies would be great with a dog blanket in them.
And have lots of hooks and beadboard paneling. Love it!
With a seat, with more cubbies. Yes, I want that! My laundry room would be so neat and functional and just great all around. Except for the part where you actually had to do laundry there. Oh, well.
Now, this bath tub is great. It even has a tray with a holder for a wine glass. Now, that's an upscale bath tub!!
This is a great sink-- really pretty. I'd like that downstairs, for guests. Upstairs, it would not work-- no storage!
I love this one-- wouldn't fit the decor of my home at all, but it's still really nice.
The tile work here was beautiful-- I love blues and grays, so this was the combination of colors I like.
And it had a matching shower-- with a plant! I wonder if the plant will stay-- probably not.
Here's another one-- I think I'll start ripping out my shower. It's definitely time to be replaced.
This is for me! I LOVE rockers and I LOVE front porches. I like black shutters, too. I was ready to just sit. And is that an afghan on the rocker-- I'm set!
Now, this porch was great-- all those shutters to give you wind protection and privacy. This was my favorite porch at the Homearama. (Do they have these in Australia, Melinda??)
HERE'S THE GOOD STUFF!!! THE DOG THINGS THAT I FOUND AT THE SHOW!!! Little pretend puppies going for their food with their own art work behind their bowls.
Is it a Peke? Or a Pug? Or is it Cubbie-Woo, who we now think is half Peke and half Pug. Whatever it is, it was really cute!! Love the blue bed. I told you there would be a dog/Peke picture later-- :-)
And here are bowls all set up with food and treats. I'm not endorsing the food. I'm sure it's fine, I just don't use it. But, the setting is very pet-friendly. And this last picture is a "dog" with his own lounge chair-- I think Scooterbug, Cranberry Muffin, Max and Starlight-- and foster, Coco Puff, would really like to have this. Maybe we'll order five!


lady jicky said...

In our heat we do have porches but we call them veranda's ! LOL

I want one - no - two of those doggy deck chairs!!

I like the lights in the bathroom that point down - the ones that point up would collect dust :)
I love cupboards too - hide a multiple of sins Linda!!! LOL

Linda said...

I didn't think about dust in the lights-- maybe I'll have to get downward facing lights! And VERANDA sounds must nicer than just PORCH! :-)

emilyp said...

1. the doggy deck chair is brilliant! I would love one to put on our front porch!

2. the red stove, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Red is my favorite kitchen color, if/when we ever own a home I hope to have all the appliances in red!

That toy peke/pug was so cute!!