Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas in Australia

Melinda, in Austrlia, is getting out her Christmas things. Kenzo does not appear to be thrilled at all. "What is all this stuff??"
Oh, look at their hair-- Kenzo and Moi Moi are in red and green, all ready to begin decorating!
"Let's just lay ON the tinsel. It looks good on the couch."
Melinda's grandson is all ready for Christmas!! No snow there, though.
Kenzo got right royally Sick of it ALL and took off from the couch with the tinsel flying !!! Melinda ran out and got the shot of him running around and around the backyard with the tinsel behind him. She said it was really funny!
She said that Moi, being a Peke , thought it was all STUPID! MoiMoi is such a lady-- she just wants to enjoy Christmas!


lady jicky said...

Hey Linda! Thats my Crazy Gang!!!

Karin said...

It never takes long for Kenzo to leap into action, does it :)
Moi Moi and Kenzo are such pretty dogs ~ I thoroughly enjoyed these photos!

emilyp said...

HAHAHA, love their hair so cute:) I laughed at Kenzo's last pic, how funny!!