Friday, November 12, 2010


I went to Jeanne's house this week-- we're about 2 hours apart, but my car knows the way to her house. I was meeting my daughter there to pick up Wicket, her Peke. Wicket had a tumor in his eye and was coming to my vet to have his eye removed. (I'll do a blog soon on Wicket, and Colby, and Coco-- and others who have had eye issues.)
DiDi, Jeanne's Peke-- one-eyed-- is in the playpen because she hurt her back. We always seem to be dealing with one medical issue or another, with our fosters and our own dogs. DiDi is much better and wanted OUT!
Two of my grandkids were there, too-- Drill Bit and Bitty Bit. Bitty Bit LOVED Jeanne's yard with all the things to look at. She kept going around to find different things that were there. The ponds were a hit!
Jill Lee was her happy self as usual-- her tail is in motion!
George was his regal self-- making sure all knew he was really the boss. He is a gentle soul, but he is definitely the "dad" figure with the dogs there.
Carter was his cute self! He was all over the yard, and loved the kids. (Colby was at the vet that day, so we didn't get to see him.)
I caught him being STILL. Imagine!
RB (Rose Bud, of the Bristol 18) was there-- she was barking at the little people. "Who are they? Why are they so short?" :-)
Bitty Bit was fascinated with a wind chime hanging from a tree.
Can you see Hanna? She's behind the bush. She didn't want her picture taken. But, I tried.
And here is another part of the garden-- can you see the little statue there? What else can you see?
RB is watching the kids again. I am amazed at how pretty she is-- her coat is super thick and soft now. You'd never know she had come through a puppy mill, heartworm treatment, and a horrible mouth-- Now she is "just a dog." A happy dog. A healthy dog. A sweet, affectionate dog. And she's waiting for her forever home!
It's coming RB. I know someone very special will adopt you-- and they will love you so much!

We enjoyed our time with you RB-- and Jeanne, and Hanna, and DiDi..... Thanks for letting us come!


emilyp said...

Jeanne's garden is gorgeous and looks like tons of fun for everyone,pekes and other dogs included, lol.

RB looks so beautiful..she has come so far:)

lady jicky said...

Hi from Hobart!
I am Sure that Rosebud will find a home - super pretty!
Those Bits sure love Jeanne's garden - its super pretty too!