Saturday, November 27, 2010


Shamisen's mom just sent me this picture to add to the blog-- he's so funny! (This one definitely is NOT a Christmas ornament!)
A friend sent me this picture-- I thought it was really cute and fit Thanksgiving week. Enjoy!

Yoshi (black Peke) and Shamisen are trying to entertain themselves. They were camping and both wanted the stick. I really think that since Thanksgiving is over, they are bored and they know Christmas is coming soon.

It's not here yet, though, and they must come up with ways to pass the time until Santa shows up.

Shamisen has been a very good dog! I'm sure there will be a lot in his stocking.

Oh, Yoshi is telling us he's been good, too. You are both just too cute-- I believe you have been good. Does your mom?

Oh, you're showing me your ball. That almost looks like a Christmas ornament. Is it? Of course not, a good dog would not have a Christmas ornament!

Look at that face-- I know Santa will bring you things. Don't worry! He knows who has been naughty and nice-- and I'm sure you are in the "nice" category!!


lady jicky said...

Good think Yoshi doesn't live near me - I think I would pinch him! LOL

Mmmmmm - good or bad for Santa???
Well my daughter and I took Carlos (my grandson who is 2 1/2yrs) off to Santa and he did not like it! LOL I wonder if this new baby that is on the way (due christmas day!!!) will like santa???
I think Moi will get goodies for Christmas but I am not too sure about Kenzo and Carlos - those two are both on the "naughty" list!!!

Pekiegirl said...

They're both "good dogs", and I couldn't love them more!

emilyp said...

They are adorable:) I love the one with them holding the stick, too cute!

cby said...

You're grandson will be very special if he has a Christmas birthday. I know, that's my birthdate, too!

lady jicky said...

cby - they say my daughter is going to have a girl this time - we shall see!!!

Did you get one big present or two cby - I always feel sorry for Christmas babys :)