Thursday, June 23, 2011


This adorable 2 year old was turned in to our rescue after someone found her near a very busy N.Va. road. She tried to find her owners-- and she did. But, the husband had turned her out to fend for herself because he said, "I hate that dog." The wife was behind him, so upset and crying. There were obvious problems here, but we could help Becky.

Becky is young and playful and loving. She is only about 12-13 pounds and just wants to be taken care of.

We received an application for her so we hope she will be going to her forever home soon! We want GREAT homes for each one of our foster dogs so they can be loved and cared for the rest of their lives-- they deserve that.

Becky has a whole life in front of her. She is so young, she'll overcome anything she went through. All her medical is done and she is ready to go!

Are you excited Becky? :-)


lady jicky said...

I wish all the best for Becky and I do hope that woman leaves her husband ..... to do this says ALOT about that man!!!!

Tracey said...

Becky certainly had a rough start, but how wonderful to be in a loving place right now with the prospect of a new forever home in her future. Wishing Becky years of happiness and health!

Nicky said...

Hate that dog? How awful. How can anyone hate a Peke? Sorry to state the obvious. These ignorant owners never cease to amaze me. The up side is that the beautiful little girl will be in a home where she is loved and cherished - also thanks to previous owner. Congratulations Becky for making the great escape. :) You will have a much better life now.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Working with battered women for 18 years, I would bet that woman might need this link. Glad to hear Becky is safe. Praying that her former mama gets safe soon.

Deana said...

That makes me SO sad that someone would be that mean. Not only to his wife but to a fur baby, too!!! I am glad that Becky found you and know that you all will find her a wonderful home for life. She looks like SUCH a little sweetie!!!!

emilyp said...

How wonderful for Becky to get such a great fresh start:) She is gorgeous!

As far as the previous owner, that poor woman. I am sure she is abused, it is probably best that Becky not be in that situation:(

Karin said...

She is soo cute! So thankful she was found in time and will be going to someone who will appreciate her and give her all the love she deserves.