Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Louie is having his surgery today!! The vet moved it up a day and we're so glad. I'll make sure you have an update on him. They are doing laser surgery on his eyes (and his neuter) and he will have less pain and an easier time healing.

He is doing great in his foster home-- and he really relaxed in a bed he found in the kitchen. This is one sweet dog. He is only 9 months old now, and he is adjusting well to losing his sight.

His foster mom has made her home blind-dog-friendly. She has a deck that isn't that high off the ground, but if you're a blind dog, those edges can be a problem-- so Paige put lattice all around the deck and steps so that Louie wouldn't hurt himself.

She also has a doggy ramp and so she made sure that was safe, too, and she's teaching him to use it.

Paige also put a bell on her shoe so Louie can find her easily. He did find her room during the night, when he pushed the door open of the "dog room" and found his way to her bedroom. Paige's house was build so that her Pekingese would be comfortable, would be able to see out the windows and would have a wonderful yard to play in.

Louie tried the steps-- Paige was encouraging him from below. There aren't many steps, but he still needs to learn to use them.

You can do it, Louie!! Sometimes, he gets brave and just makes a big leap and lands at the bottom. He is so proud of himself!

He can stand at the door and listen to sounds, smell scents and hear the other dogs. His other senses will become more acute as he learns to rely on them instead of his eyes. Blind dogs can be amazing and get around very well. Here is a video of Louie playing. He does this little jump that is so cute.
Click here: ?Louie?? - YouTube
I saw this quote and thought it was very appropriate for Louie-- "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly." Louie does see with his happy heart-- and he will be loved and cared for in rescue!

Here are some sites where you can learn more about blind dogs.


lady jicky said...

Paige - you are a Peke Princess!!

Love dear Louie!

Tracey said...

I hope that Louie's surgery gives him comfort. He is beautiful! I agree... Paige is a Peke Princess!!!

Cris said...

God Bless Louie and help him heal quickly and Bless Paige for all that she is doing to care of all of these wonderful Pekes !

emilyp said...

I am so happy for Louie!! He is already doing so well and after the surgery he will be even better:)
Paige's home sounds like the perfect place to be a Peke!