Saturday, April 28, 2012


Miss Linda, Hi! It's me, Desi. I am so excited about coming to the "PEKENIC" today. I tried on my pink velvet gown with sparkles, but mom said that was too fancy for a Pekenic.I have had my hair and nails done. I'm trying to decide which outfit to wear.You see, I have never been to a Pekenic before and I am not sure how formal an affair this is.First, I tried on my green polka dog sun dress, but it seemed too casual (even though it does have a flower). Then, I modeled my red gingham with a matching sun visor, but I do not really like hats.I love being in front of a mirror!I tried on my blue daisy frock, but it was just not diva enough. None of these outfits seem perfect enough for a diva dog like me to make my Pekenic debut, so my mom will just have to take me shopping. My dress will be a surprise!Wanda is coming, too, but she hasn't even started to plan her wardrobe yet. She is such an amateur. Bear is also coming, but he is going to be naked! I am so embarrassed to admit he is my foster brother! See you at the Pekenic!
Love, Desi

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lady jicky said...

OMG Desi --- you have more outfits than Paris Hilton !!!