Sunday, April 15, 2012


Harper just came into rescue as an owner turn in. He is about 10 months old-- we think he was born last July. The first owner's dog had puppies and Harper was the last one left. The owner was going to shoot him (I know, it's shocking) so someone saved him. She gave him to another person who kept him, but didn't have time for him, so he ended up with us. He has met my gang.....Scooter and Starlight are observing him. They're all doing great with the puppy! (Well, Cranberry fusses at him-- normal behavior.)Harper is 14 pounds and a little timid, but he bonds quickly. He loves the big yard to run in. Chaumey has become his side-kick.All the dogs seem to love the ivy.He was sharing his adventures with Chaumey (who just had nasal fold surgery). The e-collar/cone doesn't bother him a bit.Harper has beautiful coloring. He has large eyes but they don't need any nasal fold surgery. Love the little tongue sticking out.Now he's sniffing the border grass. I really want to get my yard in shape this summer and put out more border grass- it's indestructible! He's now checking out Cranberry.Cranberry is almost 11 years old and doesn't have much patience, but she's getting better as she gets older. The others also know to give her a wide space. hahaKai Kai is going to see what Harper is up to.And Max is just hanging out, letting the others have all the activity. He just wants to lay in the sun. I'd like to join him! Here's a short video of Harper in the yard: Click
here: harper - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

Harper is just so cute! Put him on that plane to Oz Linda!!!

We had a lovely day in the garden this Sunday and Miss Moi is just like your Cranberry!! Attitude !! LOL

Coco loves to follow Moi but the "big girl" is not impressed - mind you - they do keep each other company and the competition keeps them both young!
I bet its the same with Cranberry!!