Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Starlight has been here for four years now. I didn't realize it was that long, but she's seven now. I still can't believe no one ever adopted her, but she could be baby cujo to new people. Or maybe she just didn't want to leave our home. She loves Beach Bit-- as long as she is in charge. She loves his toys, too. Especially his wagon!She has begun to climb in it if the door is left open.She's very proud of herself.She just curls up in the bottom. I was surprised because she had a major back injury and couldn't do a lot except walk around (which was amazing in itself). Now she just climbs right into the wagon.The grand-bits usually are the ones using it. Drill Bit loved it when I took it to the farm. This wagon gets around.Beach Bit and Drill Bit share it at my house. When it rains, I lay the wagon on its side so it will dry out. Starlight thought that was great and she climbed right in.Aren't I supposed to be here? Of course you are. You're so cute, you can go anywhere you want!


Toni Davis said...

So cute. Starlight seems to have calmed some these days?!

lady jicky said...

You know that girl OWNS that little truck!! LOL