Saturday, April 21, 2012


I was asked to take in this four year old Peke. His owner was overwhelmed with a new baby and how to care for both. She said he was on good food (Blue Buffalo!), is housetrained, up to date on shots, but not neutered yet. In talking to her, I could tell she was very bonded to this sweet boy. She said she just wanted the best for him. I thought maybe he already had it-- with her.I told her to think about it and I would call the next day. I let her know that it was hard with a baby and a dog, but it was only for a season. I told her I took care of my grandson and had a lot of Pekes here, but I would help her. Well, she thought about it and realized she couldn't let him go. I was SO GLAD. Sometimes, the best thing in rescue is when you can help an owner to keep her dog. I'm so glad for Eli and his family!

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lady jicky said...

So glad she kept him but .... I do hope if she gets like that again - they will ring you Linda!
You are the best!!!