Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Jadakiss is an 18.2 pound Pekingese who is in a Delaware shelter. He is three years old and beautiful. He needs a home, but he does have some issues. He has some handling issues and will growl and try to snap. He does not any form of restraint and you need to leave him along if he's eating. (I have some like that-- I just put them in a bathroom or a separate room.) He needs an adult only house and does well if he's not around strangers. Jadakiss is in the Delaware Humane Society. If you are interested in him, please email . Nancy would want to talk to anyone interested in him. Nancy loves this little guy and is a professional dog trainer, so she would give tips on how make a successful adoption for him. If you are interested and willing to give this boy a chance, just let her know.

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lady jicky said...

I so hope he gets adopted for he is a beauty!
I bet he was teased by people!

Sending Adoption Vibes !!!