Thursday, April 12, 2012


Odin was adopted!! I'm so excited and happy for him.I had him with me for awhile, but we had a "toy contest" with him and one of mine, so I figured all would be safer if Odin went to another foster home. My Max is very possessive of his toys and Odin didn't like his toys being taken. Pekes and their toys!Sweet Odin and his four year old "brother" became best friends and Odin even gives him hugs around the waist. It's so sweet. He lives near me, so I'll have to go visit. He may not remember me--but I'll always remember him. He has a place in my heart forever.


lady jicky said...

So happy for Odin !!!

You know Linda, my two Never play with toys !! Odin would love it here! LOL

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

So glad to hear that Odin got adopted! Another Happy Tail!

My Peke Ginkgo doesn't play much with her toys at home anymore, but loves to play with her dog cousins' toys when we go to visit her human Aunt Martha.