Monday, April 9, 2012


I wrote about "Shamey" before, but I've changed the spelling of his name-- it's Chamey, which rhymes with balmy-- maybe I should spell it Chaumey. That would be even better. Maybe I will. (I bet you wonder how we come up with all these names! We wonder that, too.)Chaumey is doing great here. He has found the Pekingese Pathway just like the other dogs here. I'm amazed how they will detour to walk on the pathway instead of cutting across the yard sometimes.Chaumey is a 13.5 pound Peke who is really sweet. He likes to help with the blogs-- in fact, he is laying on my lap right now, directing me. He told me to let you know it's spring and things are blooming. The trees that bloom are stunning. Melinda, who lives in Australia, has leaves falling soon, and we have beautiful blooms popping out.The ornamental pear trees (which gives no pears) are my favorite.And the azaleas-- oh my, all the colors!Scotty Butters in New York, sent me this picture, too. Do you have azaleas blooming up there?Chaumey is content to watch the trees and flowers, or sit on my lap, or lounge with his bunny. It's a BIG stuffed bunny-- but most of the stuffing is gone. So, it's a big, skinny bunny. It came with him to my house.Chaumey just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone-- we know it was yesterday, but I had to include his special bunny pictures. I guess we'll just say Happy Monday!!


lady jicky said...

Spring has sprung for sure Linda!
Hi to Chaumey!!
Hi to my favourite Peke - Scotty Butters!

We have a ornemental pear in our drive Linda!!! I will take a photo when it really colours up!
Sooo cold here today - hail and rain - winter is on her way!

Toni Davis said...

Chaumey is so sweet looking. So calm....I love the pic of Scotty Butters. I just think he is sooooooooo special. Never have seen one like him before. I looked for him out walking when I was in NY but I didn't see him:( I'll keep looking next trip:)