Monday, April 30, 2012


I know you think you'll see pictures of the Peke Picnic-- and you will! But, I just got home last night-- we stayed overnight at our daughters, saw three of the "grand-bits" and then went to Richmond and saw Jeanne (our club president) and we just got home last night. I will do picnic blogs-- don't worry. But, for today, I wanted you to see pictures of Drake! He doesn't know his name, so his new mom will probably change it. She just has to see what name fits him just right! Look at him. He is there and already settling in. And he and one of the resident Pekes, Caleb, are already resting together. Caleb was one of my fosters and I adore him! So, now he'll have a new friend in Drake. Stay posted, I know there will be more pictures coming! Drake's new mom helped us so much at the picnic, and I want to thank her also. We have a GREAT Peke group!!!

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lady jicky said...

Bravo another adoption !!!

There is a BIG lotto tonight and I have a ticket Linda !!

If I win ---- I am coming over your way !!