Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The Peke-nic was fabulous! The weather was a little cool, but fine and it didn't rain! You saw the blogs on Desi, our model, trying to decide what to wear. Well, here she is! I won't try to label all these pictures, but this one is Sammy, one of my foster foster dogs. It is always such a joy to see them. I saw so many, but didn't get a hug from sweet Joshua-- I'm so sorry!!Dian's Pekes drew a lot of attention.Now, just look at the many varieties of colors and faces that were there...Maria Sorrell, who has fostered for us, brought herss. Blond Bit (my friend Toni's great granddaughter) was there, too. She loved it!I think this is Peaches. Such a sweetheart.This is Cam, who is now...... I can't remember! I know his dad watches the blog, so let me know. My mind is fried after the week-end.I think we had over 90 people there and who knows how many Pekingese!Lots brought xpens to put them in.Or just walked them around.Many kinds of harnesses were displayed.Dian was giving her dogs a treat. She also brought sweet Liam, a beautiful Irish setter.Blond Bit was checking out the cake. YUM!We had a large pavillion to eat under. Nippy and Monk were there-- they were adopted by their foster mom!Here's Blond Bit again. Like us, she came all the way from Va. Beach-- four hour drive! I know we also had someone drive down from Connecticut!More Pekes!A little sweetheart in her stroller.She was tired after a long day.Here's beautiful Sammy again!Another tired Peke. This is 14 year old Gizmo. He was wonderful and had a great time-- but he decided to take a rest. Martha and her sister, Eve, brought their pack-- here's one of them.We had whites, blacks, parti-colored, light brown, dark brown....Old ones, young ones....All had a wonderful time!And Miss Desi made the rounds, so that everyone could see her modelings. There will be more pictures tomorrow!!

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lady jicky said...

Oh it looked like such fun Linda .
Can't wait for the next addition tomorrow !!1