Friday, May 18, 2012


Tiger (left) and Mocca were found in 2007 in an abandoned apartments. They were young puppies and would have died if they hadn't been found when they were. We called them Dasher and Dancer. It was close to Christmas. :-)Dancer is now Tiger. He was adopted and lived in Maryland with his Peke brother. His Peke brother died and he was a lonesome boy.Dasher became Mocca. He was adopted, too, but then his owner returned him to rescue because of family situations. She was broken-hearted to let him go. So, I contacted Tiger's owner to see if they were interested in having Tiger's brother. They were! The brothers are back together and love each other and play a lot. There is a big difference in their size as you can tell. Mocca is almost twice Tiger's size. But, guess who is the boss-- yep, it's Tiger, the small one! Mocca on the other hand is the gentle giant. I'm so glad we were able to put them together again!

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lady jicky said...

How lovely that they are both together and happy !