Saturday, May 19, 2012


Look at this sweet face! He is the Shih Tzu, one that was supposed to be a senior, that I got out of animal control simply so he could die with love. Boy, did he fool us!At animal control, he cried for help. It broke my heart. I was there to get two Pekes and was told this guy was a Peke, too. His eye was so infected and I couldn't tell he had another one. It was removed when he was neutered, but I thought it wasn't there. It was that swollen. Animal controls and shelters are hard to go to. We can see the "worst of the worst" in animal neglect. Most shelters do what they can, but they are limited because there are so many.After surgery, he came to me and got to ride in a doggy stroller into the vet. His skin was terrible, he was in pain. I almost thought we'd have to put him down to end his suffering.But, life changed! Look at him now! My Scooter was checking him out. Scooter loves everyone. "Where did he go?"I think it's time to get on my foster mom's lap. Sebastian is a very sweet dog. He is not ten, but about three years old. He is friendly, loving, and just wants a forever home.

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lady jicky said...

Oh he is so sweet and such a brave man!!!!!