Monday, May 21, 2012

HENRY--Look at him now!

Henry is the Peke we took in last Friday. He is older, and was in pretty bad shape. Ann picked him up and transported him to Jeanne. THANK YOU, Ann!!We named him Henry-- Marian's suggestion. (Marian helps us a lot in rescue with home checks.) He settled right in at Jeanne's. He is in one of the playpens to give him "settle in" time.Look at his little tongue hanging out. He must be very relaxed.He looked at Jeanne when she picked him up-- and his look said, "Thank you." It just took her heart.He was able to go to the groomer to get a real clean. We know how to shampoo and blow dry, but sometimes we foster moms need some help when a dog is really in bad shape. The groomer was able to save his hair and Henry loved the time she spent bathing and brushing him. His eyes are looking better, too, now that he's getting good eye drops. It's incredible to me how little care some of these dogs have received before we get them.Look how fluffy he is now-- life has changed!He's at the beginning of a new life. If you would be interested in giving this sweet boy a home, just let us know. The seniors don't have as many years to give us, but they sure deserve to have a home to be loved in. Are you the one?


lady jicky said...

Seniors are just lovely and Henry is a handsome man!

Put him in the plane to Oz Linda - my girls would love a grandpa!!!

Doris Sturm said...

What I wouldn't give to have Henry. I yearn for another boy Peke, but living in this apartment only allows me the two I have...with me it's all about timing. It was Henry's good timing too that you came along to help him out. He looks absolutely precious. I have a soft spot in my heart for the seniors. I know that if I ever look for another Peke, it will be an older one, just like my Weezie. I got her last October when she was 8 and she'll be with me for the rest of her life. Thank you again for all you do. Bless you!

Amy Stoddard said...

he is such an handsome boy

Amy Stoddard said...

he is so handsome