Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Drake, beautiful boy, was adopted!I think I already showed you this picture on his new bed-- one of them! He acts like he's always been there and his life is now brand new.Drake's new name is Tai. The Mandarin name for the black and white symbol that is known as a YingYang, is "Taijitu" (pronounced Ti G Toe). This is Drake's new name and he will be called Tai. The funny thing is that one of the Pekes who came into rescue with Caleb was his brother Ty-Ty! The name must be super special to Caleb.Tai and Caleb are really enjoying each other. They played a game of lawn tag. And then they rested together on the chair. I think Caleb has secrets to share!Fu-Shing joined them, too. She's the beautiful little girl Peke who lives there. Here is Tai's (and everyone's) new bed-- it's very royal, which is fitting for a Pekingese. Tai's life will be so different from the harsh life he lived before. His new mom said he is a precious gift of pure life and that Zoe, her Lab who passed away, would approve heartily of Tai joining the family. I know she would, too.

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lady jicky said...

Oooo, that Tai is so beautiful !!!