Thursday, May 10, 2012


I want you to meet Newton. He came from a shelter in the western part of Virginia. One of his eyes is small and non-functional. It gives him special charm.He looks pretty sleepy here= making the trip into rescue can be tiring and emotional. But, then they realize they are safe and cared for.Once Newton arrived at his foster home, he met another foster dog, Shiner. Shiner was just adopted.They had adventures while he was there!Run, Newton, Run!Are you ready?They are both grinning.I think he decided to take a break-- and grin again.Wait, is there something happening that I'm missing? You can see by his profile that he probably has some Yorkie in him. We didn't know that until he arrived.There he goes again-- ears flying!He is a beautiful little dog, only about 1-2 years old and full of fun and energy.He weighs about 8 pounds and is healthy. His foster parents are working on housetraining him. He's so young, I think he'll catch on quickly.He is ready to check out everything.What do you see Newton?And he's off again! If you are interested in Newton, just email us at


lady jicky said...

Oh that Newton looks a very happy chappie now Linda.

Sending big Adoption Vibes to you Newton !!!

Toni Davis said...

He is very handsome! And you're right, the small eye does give him character. I don't see anything but peke though. He will find a home soon I am sure!