Friday, May 11, 2012


Meet Josephine (tan one) and Penny (red and white one). They were puppy mills dogs, daughter and mom. Penny is supposedly 8 years old and has lived in a breeding cage her entire life. Over 100 dogs were taken from this puppy mill when Penny and Josephine were rescued. At their foster home with Boxer Rescue, they had their week-end of firsts: first time on grass, had freedom and were given names. They loved the feel of grass on their feet.They each weigh about 9 pounds. Josephine is about one year old and is blind. Neglect is the cause. (I just took in Timmy who is almost blind, and it's purely lack of care.) Josephine is adventurous in spite of her lack of sight. Penny likes to stay close to her foster mom and is on the shy side. She also loves to gives kisses. This pair does not have to be adopted together. They are very sweet and would love a forever home. You can check out their link on Sarah is their contact person.

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lady jicky said...

What a beautiful Pair Linda!!!
Those two will have to go "freight " on the plane to Oz!!

I am going to have a DownUnder backyard full of Peke's !!! LOL