Thursday, May 17, 2012


Starlight is a mess. You can see what she thinks about having me doing another blog on her. Are you sticking your tongue out at me?Starlight can get into all sorts of places. She managed to jump on the yard chair. "How did I get up here?"Her back isn't great, but she still jumped up there. Stop jumping Starlight!I came home one day after doing errands. I could NOT find Starlight. She was in the washing machine! I have no idea how she managed that one!I had the baby seat in the laundry room-- she thought it made a great bed. Beach Bit's chair on the deck is very low-- so Starlight got up there.You know she gets into Beach Bit's wagon. Good thing it has a door on it.And yesterday, she decided to try to come inside-- using the steps that are blocked. I have two back doors, and my Cranberry will use the brick steps-- and she should be carried in. So I blocked them. (She won't come up the wood steps to the deck-- go figure!?) Starlight decided to sit on the brick steps. You can't get in that way, Starlight. "Oh, stop taking my picture and just rescue me. I'm ready to go inside." Starlight is such a funny dog!


lady jicky said...

Stop jumping Miss Starlight and look after your back darlin !!!

Toni Davis said...

Starlight is a hoot! Definitely the one at your house that keeps you running:)