Thursday, May 3, 2012


Look at Arbie!! She was RoseBud/R.B. from the Bristol 18. She is so beautiful now and has a wonderful home!Jon and Ann's beautiful boy was there, too. His name is "Digby" but I know I'm not spelling it right. (I asked her how to spell it and she just emailed me-- it's Dhigbi. But, Ann said he can't spell except for w-a-l-k. :-)Didi (formerly Betty) was there-- she is so stunning. She looks nothing like the dog we took into rescue.She was checking out the other dogs there. Drake (more on him later!) was there. He came to us from the western part of Virginia. He has come so far!Here's Arbie again-- so serene and comfortable.Nobel and Lily Faith were there in their stroller. I have one that is for sale to raise money for rescue, so if you want one, just let me know.Lily was so comfy in her spot. She doesn't see well anymore, but knows her way around her mom's house. (She was part of a puppy mill rescue along with Nobel.)Nobel is beautiful-- both are so small.And they are good friends. They had been adopted when their new mom had an accident and couldn't take care of them. Now, they will live with Gloria the rest of their lives.Yes, Lily, you are a cutie!Maria is one of our foster moms. She has kept several of the Pekes that she fostered. How beautiful they are.And here is Millie-- her good side. She is doing great and I was able to meet her new parents at the picnic. They are great and I'm so glad they are part of our PVPC family! There will be more picnic pictures-- a few more. :-) We had so much fun!!

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lady jicky said...

There were so MANY beautiful Peke's at the picnic !!!