Friday, May 25, 2012


Look at this sweet face! We just got him into rescue this week.We don't know how old he is- but not in good health and he is extremely thin. He has a lot of hair so you can't see how thin he is. He's 11 pounds, but he doesn't know he's sick. Look at that smile.His heart is very enlarged, a severe heart murmur, rotten teeth. Dr. Lucinda Hodges and Roger are doing all they can to help him.He's had bloodwork to see if there is any way to help get his mouth healthy by doing a dental--we just don't know if he can make it.He is very sweet and wags his tail a lot. He loves attention.He'll be given a lot of love and care while he's with us. We hope we can give him some quality in his life-- and some health! Jeanne is setting up a donation spot on our web site if you want to contribute to his care-- which will go to the clinic where he is being cared for. (Harris Animal Hospital, Roanoke) Thank you Roger and Lucinda-- you are the best!

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lady jicky said...

I wish I could take him.

Love that red colouring !!! Like my coco.