Saturday, April 21, 2012


Shannon and Bruce lost their two precious Pekes this year. Nala, the white one, and Tyler were bonded friends who were greatly loved.They loved being together and would cuddle up together. You didn't know Tyler was around unless he wanted you to know he was there. They called him their lazy dog because he would lay back and observe. He was content to sleep and relax and every once in a while he would steal Nala's toys, not because he wanted them, but just to get her fired up. (Aren't some Pekes like that!) Nala was their "honeybear." She was a complete opposite of Tyler. She didn't realize she was a Peke. As a puppy, she loved to play in mud and water. She use to check the perimeter of their yard and chase bunnies in the spring time. She LOVED to play ball. She didn't go anywhere without it. (Her mom and dad bought extras just to make sure they had more.) Nala loved to be in the middle of the conversation and activities. She was a lover. She died last Friday on April 13. She was born July 1, 1998, so she had a wonderful life. She died from the results of a pituitary tumor. Tyler lived from Jan. 29, 1997 to Jan. 30, 2012. They were true companions to each other and to their family. They began to foster and then adopted Odin. Now, Odin is the only one and his family is open to fostering another. Odin is so sweet he will welcome another, I'm sure. I know he must miss his little buddy Nala. REST IN PEACE SWEET TYLER AND NALA.


lady jicky said...

So sad for your loss but so glad they have Odin.

cby said...

So sorry, losing friends is very hard.

Doris Sturm said...

That's so sad - especially since the died so close to each other. At least they had a good life, but I know that's no consolation when you are grieving. My heart goes out to their parents. I'm so sorry for their loss!