Friday, April 27, 2012


Shiner is a Papillon that our vet in Roanoke took out of a shelter. A rescue group said they would take him, but they didn't. So, Shiner stayed and our group has worked to find him a home. He's playing with Dollar here.These two dogs have some energy!It's rough and tumble and chase and .....super play!!! Shiner is off to get Dollar-- they must be going pretty fast for Dollar's ears to be back like they are.And Shiner has the prize. Is this what it was all about? Sounds logical to me.Shiner is about a year old and he has a lot of energy-- can you share it with me?Once he's in his forever home, he'll have lots of time to run and play with his new parents. We're just waiting for that home for him.Shiner is a beautiful Papillon-- so much prettier than when he came from the shelter thanks to the wonderful care by his foster parents. For now, though, he'll run and play where he is. He has lots of good friends there.And this foster home is a wonderful place to be.Thanks to Roger and Lucinda for all they do for these dogs lucky enough to be with them while they are waiting for their forever homes.I know they'll miss you when you go to a forever home Shiner-- and so will Dollar!

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lady jicky said...

What a beautiful dog Shiner is!!
Sending HUGE adoption vibes Linda!!