Monday, January 20, 2014


 Sometimes, we are contacted by a shelter to help a Peke who is a little older.   This is Buster.  
 His family decided that this older boy, who is about 10  pounds, was too much trouble and they didn't have time for him anymore.    I just don't get it-- why would you abandon your pet after you have had them for years (or any amount of time!).
Buster is now with us.    He will be in foster care in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.   If you would like a sweet, older, house trained dog, just let us know.  He deserves that.


lady jicky said...

Good grief - I don't get that either Linda!

He is so sweet - does he have a passport! My girls would love him - me too! LOL

Unknown said...

I wish I were closer. He has many happy years left! People are just...I don't even want to say! How could you love him for a decade and then just decide...yeah, he has to go. I'd kick people out of my house first. It's you or the dog? That's really sad. The dog and I will miss you. BYE!

He looks like my Mina! I have a black and white and spoiled all over parti Peke, too.