Monday, January 6, 2014


Tucker was found after being on the streets for about a week.     He was a sweet dog, so what happened to his family?
We found out (by some people in the neighborhood) that his owners had moved to another state.   On the last day, he had escaped from the house (the chaos probably terrified him) and the owners tried to find him.
But, when they didn't find him, they moved hundreds of miles away.   We contacted the realtor who sold the house, and tried to contact the owner, but we got no where.  I'm sure someone is missing their dog!  
We named him Tucker and he is a great boy.    He loves to be in a lap and snuggle!
He loves to curl up right beside you.  
He came into rescue before Christmas, so he was able to celebrate with a warm bed and a full tummy.
He loves being held like a baby...
Or just curled up on the couch.    He will be medically updated and then available for adoption.   Glad you are with us, Tucker!

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lady jicky said...

Linda - he looks like a wonderful boy . I wish I could have him!!