Monday, January 13, 2014


 Roxie was my foster dog.   She thought it was a great idea to sit on the table on the porch.  
 Really, though, it was just a short cut to the glider.   That is a great Peke place, next to the Peke afghan.
 Well, she went on a home visit.   Someone had come to meet her before, and she wouldn't have anything to do with them.   I mean, Roxie, who is so friendly, just ignored them!   They say dogs will let you know if they like a place or a person, and she sure did.  (And believe me, it was a wonderful couple who came to meet her!)
 But, on this home visit, she brightened up!  
 She looked around, walked around the house, exploring, and ...
 met one of the boys who lives there.
 He really liked her!
 And she met, Moose, the resident dog.
 I think I like him!
 I think he likes you, too, Roxie.    Roxie decided she was going to like this home.  She rolled over for belly rubs and liked her new mom a lot!   (I found out after I left that she took a nap on their bed, and she thinks this is a wonderful new home!)
 Is that my new sister?    Yes,  Moose, it is!    I think you will have a lot of fun with her!
Just let me know how she does-- I want her to be your best friend!  :-)  

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lady jicky said...

Those three really look like "life long friends" to me Linda!!!!