Sunday, January 26, 2014


 A new rescue friend sent me pictures of her Pekingese that she was able to get from someone else.   Ziggy was loved, but his home didn't have time for him.    It takes love to be able to realize that you can't give a dog a good home and are willing to let them go where they will be better cared for.
 The cats there are interested in Ziggy-- and he is interested in them!    He takes walks everyday now, and has a big fenced yard to play in.   He knows some basic commands (in just a few months) and can sit, go down, come, crawl and shake.   Smart boy!
Ziggy is so smart that he will ring a bell to go outside!  I wish mine would do that.    I tried it, but they just didn't catch on.   Does your little buddy go out with you?  No?    I'm sure he'll be there when you get back inside.  

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lady jicky said...

Oh Ziggy - you are so clever!