Friday, January 24, 2014


 I received an email from a shelter we work with-- they have a little (13 pounds) female who was found on the streets on the coldest day we've had in a long time.  
 They asked us to help her, but she is a Pekingese mix, so we are asking you for help.  I've named her Monty-Girl just so we have a name for her in my blog-- we don't know what her real name is.
 The shelter said she is in need because she has a large growth on her back and her right back foot was wrapped in a rubber glove with duct tape around it.    Who knows how long that had been on her.  
 She is probably about ten years old and SO sweet.   Her trauma on the cold streets haven't effected her personality-- she is happy with everyone and just wants to be loved and cared for.
If you think you can help her, please email me at or    We'll do all we can to help, too.    She deserves a home-- can it be with you?


lady jicky said...

Oh this is just so sad!

I hope someone see's this post Linda and jumps on the computer to email you that they want to give Monty Girl a wonderful home - this she cetainly deserves!

Pekiegirl said...

She looks like a Cavalier Spaniel/ Pekingese cross! Someone's idea of a Designer Dog I guess. Cute!