Monday, January 27, 2014


 Stitch came to me as a foster dog around Thanksgiving in 2006.  
 Stitch was about a  year old when he was turned in-- his owner could no longer care for him in the way she thought he needed.    He was the sweetest dog and he and my Scooter were great friends.
 They were often together and just enjoyed being held together, playing together, just happy together.
 He was adopted by Christine and her husband.
 And then Stitch welcomed a baby!    He sure loved her!
 A few more children arrived and Stitch just loved them.
 This past week, Stitch began having massive seizures.   He was in the emergency hospital and was not responding to any medication-- after 3 days, the vet told his mom that there was nothing they could do and thought it was a mass in his brain causing this.
With incredible sadness, they let sweet Stitch go.    He was a very special foster dog for me, and loved so much by his family.    Farewell, sweet sweet boy.   My heart is breaking for you and your family.


Unknown said...

Farewell Sweet Stitch!

Stevenjc69 said...

Farewell stitch. Rip now.

lady jicky said...

I feel so sorry for the family and little Stitch's pain.

RIP sweet Stitch.